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"Charmed," or who wanted to be girls about 10 years ago

"Charmed," or who wanted to be girls about 10 years ago


the boys at all times were the characters, who they represented themselves in dreams or yard games. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, teenage mutant ninja Turtles, in the end. Their classmates in this respect was carrying less — women-superheroes or just possessing abilities of the fair sex, the authors of comics, cartoons and TV series was not very fond. But that all changed in 1998, when the world saw the first series of the new project of the sisters became witches.

 In fact, the producers of Warner Brothers to the last doubted the success of the future of the series. However, experienced authors who released before this blockbuster «Beverly hills 90210” and “Melrose place”, as well as large-scale training (the writers consulted with demonology, mythology and other paranormal phenomenon specialists) did the trick. The history of witches and evil forces opposing them, a holistic and natural that it does not always work the creators of any fantasy draft.

Every girl of the late 90s–the beginning of the 2000s, depending on their nature, wanted to become one of the sisters, and many boys, though not confessed that enthusiastically watching “Enchanted” wanted to be like the guardian angel of Leo or at one of the demons. The success of the show among the audience largely developed through thoughtful and complete images of each of the characters, both positive and negative. Their capabilities and individual features attracted viewers and attract so far.

this is why we decided to return “Enchanted» on the Russian TV screens for those who want ponostalgirovat and hardship with their favorite characters again, and for those who because of their age are not familiar with Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Watch, learn and enjoy from March 19, on weekdays at 15:00.