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Salt "of the EARTH" in Moscow the premiere of the new album of "Okean Elzy"

Salt "of the EARTH" in Moscow the premiere of the new album of "Okean Elzy"


In 2013, legends of Ukrainian rock “Okean Elzy» recorded eighth Studio album, “Earth” and went to  a large stadium tour in the cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus to present new concert program. On 22 and 23 November “Okean Elzy” will perform at Stadium Live in Moscow.

the leader of the group Sviatoslav Vakarchuk proud of the new album, recorded in Belgium with the participation of the English producer, winner of three Grammy awards Ken Nelson (Coldplay, Gomez, Kings Of Convenience, etc.). Svyatoslav Vakarchuk considers that the group was able to act in the best form and combining the highest level of performance, powerful drive and song form, typical of the best the world of rock. No wonder Ken Nelson called the new song “Okean Elzy» “classic”. 

the album has twelve songs including the song “Stra», which is familiar to the public as a solo project by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk “Brussels”. On the cover of the album “Earth» – a blend of beans. Svyatoslav Vakarchuk  says of them: “Here are the twelve kinds of seeds, including hemp. Each seed  is a separate song. Because the land is valuable primarily because it gives new life”.

for 2013 “Okean Elzy» get a new program   parks and  the sports palaces in 27 cities and more than twenty Russian cities.  Svyatoslav Vakarchuk confessed in an interview that the hype surrounding the concerts were a surprise to him: “Everywhere more people coming than we expected”. 

Concerts in Stadium Live close Russian tour “Okean Elzy”, or rather – the first part. In 2014, the group will continue touring, but their theme of  to a greater extent will have the upcoming 20th anniversary of the group.