About Acid Enema

About Acid Enema

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (1995-2002)

Acid Enema was formed by Abhorrent in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1995. In 2004 he changed the band's name to Sangre and released one more album, titled En Memoria in 2005

Twelve inch releases:
Acid Enema - The Necro-Pedophile EP (Hardline Rekordingz H-line005) 1999
Acid Enema - Hymns of Hate (Widerstand Records WS-11) 2000
Sangre - En Memoria (Restroom Records Restroom12009) 2005

Seven inch releases
Minion/Acid Enema split - Shit! The movie (Scatology Records Scat001) 2000 Read more on Last.fm


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